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Attorney Michael G. Bradley knows the law and exactly how to protect you.
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Over 18 years of successfully protecting our clients.

There are two sides to almost every story. Bradley Legal is your best choice for Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, Domestic Assault, Corporal Spousal Injury, Assault and Battery, Violation of Protective Orders, Felon Charges, Drug Offenses anywhere in Massachusetts. Our offices are conveniently located in Quincy and Norwell, Massachusetts. With decades of legal system knowledge and experience Attorney Michael Bradley does not judge clients, he aggressively defends them against any and all charges defending their constitutional rights.

When to Hire a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Massachusetts


Attorney Michael G. Bradley is a well known citizen advocate in Massachusetts courts has a proven and outstanding track record of obtaining positive results for his clients, despite the difficult situation they often find themselves in. Bradley Legal's high degree of success comes from applying years of hands-on experience on both sides of the courtroom. As a former prosecutor and director of an elite Massachusetts statewide criminal task force, Highly respected by judges and prosecutors, Attorney Michael Bradley uses his unique experience to represent those charged with all manner of criminal offenses.


Attorney Bradley has defended thousands of serious criminal cases and has appeared in over 50 courts, (both district and superior) which gives him the knowledge to represent cases of any size. Bradley Legal provides a thoughtful, tailored approach to each case and each client by combining actual criminal trial experience and years of intensive, hands-on work inside the criminal justice system here in Massachusetts.


"Every case is different and every client is different. I fully evaluate every aspect of a case, and I evaluate how any potential course of action or outcome may affect my client, their family, and their life as a whole." All matters discussed are protected by the Attorney-Client privilege and are strictly confidential. 

Criminal Defense Attorney South Shor MA


  • Experienced Former Massachusetts Prosecutor

  • Aggressive Criminal Defender in over 50 Courts

  • Former Director of Statewide Task Force



" Every case and every client is different... I evaluate how any course of action or outcome will affect you, your family and your life "


Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael G. Bradley uses his experience on both sides of the court room to defend you. 


Executive Director of the Underground Economy Task Force, 2007-2009


Handled hundreds of cases in tandem with the Wage/Hour Division of the Attorney General's Office, as well as white-collar cases in conjunction with the Department of Industrial Accidents, Insurance Fraud Bureau, and Attorney General's Fair Labor Division.

Assistant District Attorney, Norfolk County District Attorney's Office, Deputy Chief of District Court Prosecution, 2005-2007


Handled thousands of criminal cases in Juvenile, District, and Superior Court. Has extensive experience in successfully trying Domestic Violence, Domestic Assault & Battery, Serious Felons, Drug Charges Defense, Theft, and Weapons related cases. Domestic Violence Defense Law, Domestic Assault Defense, Corporal Spousal Injury, Violation of Protective Orders, Restraining Orders, Abuse Prevention Orders, Threat To Commit Crime, Stalking, Intimidation of a Witness, Harassment Prevention, Magistrate's Hearings, Warrant Removals.


Suffolk University Law School, Boston, MA Juris Doctorate

University of Massachusetts at Boston, Boston, MA Bachelor Of Arts in Criminal Justice & Sociology 


Quincy Bar Association, President - Former

Norfolk County Bar Association

Massachusetts Bar Association, Labor & Employment Leadership Team 

Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys

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Domestic violence law under Mass. General Laws c.209A.

Attorney Michael Bradley understands how an accusation of domestic violence can have serious consequences.  These accusations affect no only your personal life but can affect your job and ability to earn a living. This is why you need the best possible legal defense to fight these charges. There is no denying that spouses have committed perjury in order to gain the upper hand in a custody battle, attempted to remove a partner from the picture via false charges and, sadly, a myriad of other scenarios. You can, however, take heart in knowing that regardless of the challenge you may face Criminal Defense attorney Michael Bradley is here to defend you.

A Domestic Violence charge can be especially difficult due to a process that not only exposes your personal life to the public, but may also lead to the denigration of your reputation. Taking on the highly qualified defense team at Bradley Legal can be the key toward achieving the favorable legal outcome that you deserve.

Criminal trial Attorney Michael Bradley draws on years of knowledge gained through defending Domestic Violence cases in Massachusetts’s courts and the wisdom of decades of experience working with local judges and prosecutors. Being a former Prosecutor himself he knows the system and is respected when he enters the courtroom. He strives to ensure every possibility and opportunity is not just recognized but fully exploited to help you in seeing charges dropped, prison avoided, and your name kept off of public lists and registries.

At Bradley Legal we fully empathize with our clients and understand how distressing it can be if charged with the claim of domestic violence. Our overarching objective is in the provision of a strong and forceful defense and to protect our clients from imprisonment and other penalties. Our distinguished team of domestic assault attorneys will fight for you to protect your rights and to help ensure that your freedom remains intact.



Below are some of the commonly related criminal charges that we regularly and successfully defend in Massachusetts courts:

  • Domestic Battery

Essentially the employment of force or violence against another, this can be a more serious charge if the alleged victims is a minor or a female.

What is often referred to as a "restraining order", a protective order is dispensed to those claiming to be victims of domestic abuse. This definition of “abuse” can also include that of verbal as well as physical abuse and is intended to protect claimants from harm. A restraining order is put in place in order to bar the named individual from the commission of certain acts, such as putting oneself in the vicinity of the protected person or from visiting an individual's home or place of work.

  • Other Types of Offenses

There is a litany of other offenses for which we offer protection, including the alleged making of criminal threats, sex offenses, child abuse and more.

If you’re in need of the protection that only the best domestic assault lawyers can provide, call (617) 602-5039 today or complete our contact form to receive a no-cost evaluation of your case from one of the trusted legal professionals in Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Bradley.

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