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Domestic Violence / Assault & Battery Charges Massachusetts


Attorney Bradley has handled thousands of cases involving the threat or use of violence ranging from simple assault to aggravated felonies including all manner of Domestic Violence cases.

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Domestic Assault & Battery Law:

•          There is no statutory difference between charges of assault and battery and domestic assault and battery. The difference comes in the way in which the police and district attorneys' offices treat the cases.

•          The sentence is in a domestic assault & battery case tends to be more severe than most other charges.

•          In almost every case where domestic violence has been alleged the police have an unwritten MUST arrest policy. The rational is that the chances for repeat violence in domestic situations is high and the police have to minimize their potential responsibility if a further act of violence occurs.

•          Often police arrest people and let the courts sort it out, as they do not want to be held responsible if there is a further allegation of violence.

•          A common misconception is that the victim can "Drop" the charges. This is NOT true. The Commonwealth will pursue ALL domestic cases to trial, whether they are good or bad cases. The rational is the they want to be able to show that they tried to prosecute the case but were unsuccessful for a variety of different reasons that are specific to each case.

•          There are several ways in which a domestic violence case can be dismissed short of or at a trial.

•          It is imperative you speak with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options. If you or anyone you know has been charged with Domestic Assault & Battery please call attorney Michael G. Bradley to discuss your options and defend your rights @ (617) 602-5039.

Abuse Prevention Orders:

•          Violation of the terms of an abuse prevention order (209A order) or a criminal harassment order is a criminal offense in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

•          The violation of the terms associated with such an order can be severe. Even a technical violation will subject the defendant to up to two and a half years in jail and up to a $5000 fine.

•          More often than not the court orders a defendant convicted of a violation of an abuse prevention order to complete a certified "Anger Management" or "Batterers Program" .

•          These programs are expensive and time consuming. If you or anyone you know has been charged with a violation of an abuse prevention order, call me to discuss your options.

Assault & Battery:

•          An assault and battery is the unconsented and unlawful touching of another person, however slight, if it would be harmful or offensive to a reasonable person.

•          That means that, in addition to fighting with or hitting someone, an assault and battery can be a push, a shove, a slap, or even spitting on someone.

•          The District Attorney's Office will pursue a case even where the alleged victim wants the case dropped.

•          There are several different ways in which to approach a case where the alleged victim wants to have the case dismissed

•          It is important you consult with an attorney to review your options. You have a story to tell which likely varies greatly from that has been reported. An experienced attorney can evaluate a case and determine the best way in which to present why your version is accurate and the Commonwealth's is not.


Penalties for Assault & Battery in Massachusetts:

•          The maximum penalty for an assault and battery is 2 1/2 years in jail. The sentence that is actually imposed is usually based on (1) the severity of the events, and (2) the defendant's criminal history. It is imperative to consult with an attorney to review your option before and after trial. Aggravated Assault & Battery:

•          The penalty for an assault and battery can be increased or enhanced based on the victim being a member of a protected class of persons.

•          If the alleged victim of an assault and battery is a pregnant woman, a person over the age of 65, or a person with a recognized disability, it will likely be charged as an aggravated assault & battery.

•          Certain judgments pursuant to a domestic relations matter (divorce), may also qualify as an aggravated assault & battery.

•          If any of the above elements are alleged and proven, the assault and battery is treated as a felony, and the penalty is increased to up to two and a half years in the jail or up to five years in state prison.

Assault & Battery on a Police Officer:

•          When an assault and battery occurs upon a police officer or other public employee, the fact that the alleged victim was a public employee is treated as an aggravating circumstance and can be charged as an aggravated assault & battery.

•          The penalty for the assault and battery is increased to include a minimum sentence of ninety days in jail.


Threat To Commit Crime:

•          The charge of threat to commit a crime commonly accompanies assault and battery charges where there is some kind of heated exchange between the people involved.

•          The charge of threat to commit a crime is much more complicated than it may appear.

•          If you, or anyone you know has been charged with threat to commit a crime, call me to discuss your options.


Assault & Battery Dangerous Weapon:

•          The Commonwealth must initially prove that assault & battery occurred.

•          If successful they must also prove that a dangerous weapon was used, and that the weapon falls into the legal definition of a dangerous weapon, and further prove that said weapon was actually used in the assault.

•          The definition of a dangerous weapon is very broad, and includes many objects that most people probably would not consider a dangerous weapon. For example, shoes can be considered a dangerous weapon, but not all footwear is included.

•          If you, or anyone you know has been charged with an assault & battery, dangerous weapon, call me to discuss your options.


Sexual & Indecent Assault & Battery:

•          Any convictions for a sexual abuse or indecent assault & battery charge will likely expose you to a wide range of penalties based on the specifics of the offense charged. Anyone convicted of an offense will be required to register as a sex offender, and may subject that person to community parole, supervision for life. Either scenario creates a situation with terms and conditions that are very difficult to adhere to. Any violation will subject an offender to re-arrest which can expose you to years of additional jail time.

•          Indecent assault and battery charges are very serious, and complicated cases. If you, or anyone you know has been charged with an indecent assault & battery, call me to discuss your options.



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Domestic violence law under Mass. General Laws c.209A.

Attorney Michael Bradley understands how an accusation of domestic violence can have serious consequences.  These accusations affect no only your personal life but can affect your job and ability to earn a living. This is why you need the best possible legal defense to fight these charges. There is no denying that spouses have committed perjury in order to gain the upper hand in a custody battle, attempted to remove a partner from the picture via false charges and, sadly, a myriad of other scenarios. You can, however, take heart in knowing that regardless of the challenge you may face Criminal Defense attorney Michael Bradley is here to defend you.

A Domestic Violence charge can be especially difficult due to a process that not only exposes your personal life to the public, but may also lead to the denigration of your reputation. Taking on the highly qualified defense team at Bradley Legal can be the key toward achieving the favorable legal outcome that you deserve.

Criminal trial Attorney Michael Bradley draws on years of knowledge gained through defending Domestic Violence cases in Massachusetts’s courts and the wisdom of decades of experience working with local judges and prosecutors. Being a former Prosecutor himself he knows the system and is respected when he enters the courtroom. He strives to ensure every possibility and opportunity is not just recognized but fully exploited to help you in seeing charges dropped, prison avoided, and your name kept off of public lists and registries.

At Bradley Legal we fully empathize with our clients and understand how distressing it can be if charged with the claim of domestic violence. Our overarching objective is in the provision of a strong and forceful defense and to protect our clients from imprisonment and other penalties. Our distinguished team of domestic assault attorneys will fight for you to protect your rights and to help ensure that your freedom remains intact.



Below are some of the commonly related criminal charges that we regularly and successfully defend in Massachusetts courts:

  • Domestic Battery

Essentially the employment of force or violence against another, this can be a more serious charge if the alleged victims is a minor or a female.

  • Corporal Spousal Injury

This is a charge regarding the implementation of force that results in physical injury. The breaking or bruising of skin is sometimes all it takes to spiral from battery into the more serious offense of corporal injury.

  • Violation of Protective Orders

What is often referred to as a "restraining order", a protective order is dispensed to those claiming to be victims of domestic abuse. This definition of “abuse” can also include that of verbal as well as physical abuse and is intended to protect claimants from harm. A restraining order is put in place in order to bar the named individual from the commission of certain acts, such as putting oneself in the vicinity of the protected person or from visiting an individual's home or place of work.

  • Other Types of Offenses

There is a litany of other offenses for which we offer protection, including the alleged making of criminal threats, sex offenses, child abuse and more.

If you’re in need of the protection that only the best domestic assault lawyers can provide, call (617) 602-5039 today or complete our contact form (INSERT LINK) to receive a no-cost evaluation of your case from one of the trusted legal professionals in Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Bradley.

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