Speeding Citations In Massachusetts

Experienced MA criminal defense lawyer for motor vehicle offenses, ticket disputes, civil citations, traffic violations - eastern MA, Norfolk County, Suffolk County

MA speeding citations, motor vehicle offenses, civil citations, traffic violations

The Law Firm of Michael G. Bradley represents clients charged with criminal motor vehicle offenses and civil citations.

Attorney Bradley is an experienced criminal defense attorney who will quickly handle your traffic violation in an effort to get the ticket dismissed. Please contact us for a free consultation with an experienced defense attorney.

If an officer has issued you a Massachusetts traffic citation, you want a lawyer on your side. While it may seem easier to pay your fine, you may not realize that payment can lead to unintended consequences.

In Massachusetts, motor vehicle offenses have more consequences than just a fine. You stand to lose your license if too many points are assessed on your license and you will likely see an increase in your car insurance. Attorney Bradley will handle your case to prevent the many consequences of a traffic ticket.

Traffic citations result in a clerk's magistrate hearing. If you are issued a citation in Massachusetts, you are entitled to a hearing where you are allowed to dispute the citation.

The objective of this hearing is to get your citation dismissed!